How long does it take for you to deliver the final product?

The editing process is when the magic happens! One piece of feedback l usually get back from couples is about the edit. I don't treat it like a factory line, l spend time choosing each element, hand picking parts of your day to reflect your wedding as best as possible. This process takes time. However, I do understand you will be excited and eager to watch your film. For that reason, I will try my best to deliver highlights within 3 months and the final film between 4 to 6 months.

How does the payment work? Do you need a booking fee? Is it refundable?

We make it as easy as possible for you both. I normally take 1/3 of the payment at booking and that is not refundable. This is to secure your wedding date and commit my time to you, as I will not be able to take on other assignments. I then require the next payments to be within 1 month before the wedding day.

Can you travel anywhere in the UK or abroad to take on my assignment?

HECK YES! I would love to hear the plans you have for your wedding day. Please get in touch and I can give you more details about prices and arrangements, we can both get crazy excited for your wedding day!

Do you shoot alone or do you have an assistant or second shooter?

For my basic package, you will get one shooter only – me! For the other packages l ned to include a second shooter as there is more to be covered and we don;t want to miss out on anything. I also understand its important for you to see your wedding from different perspectives. Sometimes weddings are so busy you miss the slightly drunken bridesmaid bouncing on a trampoline, or the lads dancing in a fountain! I highly recommend you commission one of my shooters as extra to the service. This will guarantee more content and more possibilities in post. If you want to know more about commissioning extra shooters, please get in touch.

What is the process of having a wedding film made for me?

Firstly...hopefully you love what l create, then we will meet either in person, or if you’d prefer, via Skype/ facetime, so I can get to know a little about you and you can find out more about me too. You’ll be the main focus of the film and it’s your story I’ll be telling, so this part is really important. Next, we’ll discuss your wedding plans and the layout of the day and I’ll always contact you before the big day to reassure you and confirm the deets. The filming of your wedding day is then done. Next comes the extensive and careful editing process – within 3 months you’ll receive a highlights film, with the full film delivered usually within a further 3 months later...