Photo by Jarek Lepak

About Me


I'm Adam - and I create wedding films with a relaxed and cinematic style. I shoot in a way that puts people at ease.

You'll find me awkward laughing with the bridesmaids because I stumbled on my words and said something that, in any other context, would be very inappropriate. You'll find me at the bar with the ushers filming their 5th round of jaegerbombs. 

After filming weddings for years and years l have come to understand that a big part of the my job is making you and your other half as comfortable and chilled as possible. So you won't see me stressing out or running around like a man possessed, but laughing with your guests and dancing the night away, especially if Rihanna comes on  ;)

Random facts

- I love to dance.

- I'm a part-time graphic designer

- I'm a VERY big fan of cereal  and chocolate milk (anything dairy based). 

- I've been married a year to my new wife and she's the most expensive hobby I ever had.

Here is mine and my beautiful wifes wedding video at the wonderful Aynhoe Park, Oxford.





"It is better to give than to receive"

The Vision

When l started this business it started off as a side/ part-time job just to have a little extra in life. Over the years l have realised that most of us have more than enough to get by and those who are lucky enough need to do our best to help other. This life we life is far greater than just our own.

So...I have decided to commit to giving 10% of each couples wedding job l work on away to charity.


The charity l have chosen to focus is called Freedom Heroes. It is based in Kampala and dedicated to helping the local street children. After visiting Kampala three years ago l saw the impact of how far a small amount can go. The best news is that when you hire me to film your wedding your automatically involved in helping these little heroes. Freedom Heroes is a charity that supplies food, health care and an education to these street boys.

For more information around Freedom Heroes please visit



If you want more information on what we can deliver please get in contact with us and we would love to answer your questions, get to know you and find out some random facts about your life.